Covering all aspects of training and behaviour to suit you and your dog.

Puppy training

Pre-puppy visit

£55 per session

Whether you have chosen your puppy or want advice, Sit Stay Training will help you prepare for this exciting journey with expert advice and tips. A great session to ensure you and your home is puppy ready!

Can help with:

  • Home puppy proofing 
  • What to expect in the first weeks
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Diet
  • How to build a strong bond
  • Positive socialising 
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Puppy training package

£250 all inclusive
Initial consultation plus four training sessions

A new puppy is the beginning of a wonderful journey and starting positive training early is the key to success for the years ahead. Amie wants you and your puppy to succeed in training so that you have the happy well-trained dog you dreamed of.

The puppy training package is a personalised five-week course.

The first session takes place in your home so we can discuss in detail your requirements, expectations, and everything puppy. All owners and puppies are different so the training plan will be established and tailored to suit.

Helps with:

  • All basic training 
  • Toilet training
  • Mouthing/biting
  • Settling
  • Body language
  • Fast Recall
  • Loose lead
  • Socialisation
  • Diet
  • Some games and new tricks along the way
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Adult training

Adult training package
£250 all inclusive
Initial consultation plus four training sessions

You can teach an old dog new tricks! Amie uses the latest science-based ethical methods that have proven to have the best long-term effects.

We start with an initial consultation to gather information. Then, together we build a realistic training plan to ensure long-lasting results. It's never too late to start training. 

Helps with:

  • Reactivity 
  • Separation anxiety 
  • Toilet training
  • Barking
  • Noise phobias
  • Confidence building
  • Recall
  • Loose lead walking
  • Jumping up
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The Poppy rescue dog package

£225 all inclusive
Rescued within the last six months

Amie has a lot of love and passion for dog rescue and dedicated this package in memory of one of her rescue dogs, Poppy. The first few months of owning a rescue dog can come with many highs and lows. Sometimes it can take three or four months after homing for new/unwanted behaviours to appear. Amie developed The Poppy rescue dog package to help you and your new rescue dog have the very best start so you can enjoy the years ahead together.

Amie has always owned rescue dogs that have complex behaviour problems. She has plenty of personal experience as well as professional.

The plan includes an initial consultation followed by four training sessions bespoke to you and your dog.

Helps with:

  • Understanding known history and discussing potential behaviour problems before they arise
  • Safely introducing children and other dogs together at home (if any)
  • Settling your dog into the new home
  • Ways to bond together
  • Establishing a good routine
  • Diet
  • Any additional training requirements
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Basic training

One-off sessions for basic training

£55 per session

These sessions are booked as one-off training sessions to help with basic training. It might be one session in which you need to run through some specific training techniques to get you back on track. These sessions are for basic training only. For example, this could be recall or loose lead training.

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